First, oil is the most popular home heating method in Nova Scotia. Its popularity, combined with the fact that pricing is unregulated by the Province, make for a highly competitive market. And that’s good for consumers because they get a choice and the best possible deal. Second, there are a lot of companies offering you different levels of service. Some are full-service providers, and some are “discounters”.
Full service means the company provides inspections, maintenance, and repair of your heating equipment, on top of your oil delivery. It also includes regular or automatic delivery of your oil so that you don’t have to call every time you need it. Full-service companies track weather on a daily basis and know the size of your tank, so you get automatically topped up when your tank gets low. Full-service providers also sell home heating equipment and do installations.

By contrast, companies that are “discounters” only deliver oil, and you’ve got to call it when you need it. They don’t inspect your furnace, your tank, etc. or offer a maintenance or repair service. They don’t sell or install equipment. The discounters are often “one-truck” operations.
Scotia Fuels is full service, plus. Other full-service companies offer maintenance and inspections but under a separate service contract. Their service contracts can range from $160-$280 annually, on top of what you pay them per litre. At Scotia Fuels, we include annual inspections and tune-ups in our pricing, so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind. You’ll save a minimum of $100 a year and possibly a much greater sum by choosing Scotia Fuels. We’re only 5 cents more per litre but it’s a lot more value for your money.It’s our all-inclusive service package that sets us apart from the other full-service companies.
You get WAY more worry-free service and peace of mind with Scotia Fuels, not to mention overall cost savings. When it comes to getting your oil delivered, you get automatic delivery when your tank runs low so you don’t have to monitor it. Our price also includes access to 24/7 emergency response and service—you get unlimited burner service labour and someone local is always on standby to take your call and come to your home. We offer quick service and won’t make you wait. Our all-inclusive pricing and service package provides an annual inspection and cleaning. You don’t need to have a separate contract. We stay as long as it takes to get your furnace and related equipment operating at peak efficiency: you won’t incur time-based labour charges for this service. Our staff are all full-fledged employees, committed to quality service. We offer top performing equipment and installations to our customers and make financing available. Finally, we offer a range of convenient payment options for your oil delivery and service. That’s a lot for 5¢.
  • Oil and delivery
  • Automatic delivery (or call-in if you prefer)
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
  • Fast Service
  • Calls answered quickly & locally
  • Annual Inspection & Tune-Up
  • Company Employees
  • Equipment Sales & Installations
  • Financing Available
  • Flexible & Convenient Payment Options
Our typical Scotia Fuels customer uses 2000 litres of fuel per year. The average difference in cost per litre with the discount competitors is usually 18 cents. The quick math on this means you could save as much as $360 annually if you get ‘lucky’ and get through the year without the need for a service call.

Here’s the CATCH: In order to maintain your heating system at peak performance and to insure efficient fuel usage, it’s important to have annual tune-ups of your heating equipment. Equally important is an inspection of the heating system to catch any potential problems before they occur. Scotia Fuels customers have access to 24 hour emergency burner service when they need it most. For comparison, an annual service contract for the above is typically $250 with an independent burner service company. IF you don’t get ‘lucky’ and find yourself in need of after hour service with a discounter, your savings are bound to evaporate very quickly!
The average home uses 2000 litres every year. If you don’t attend to basic maintenance, change furnace filters regularly and keep your equipment running efficiently, you’ll use more oil and it’ll cost you more.
Furnaces get dusty and dirty and if they aren’t cleaned out and Tuned up, you’ll use more fuel and it’ll cost you more. Nozzles and filters deteriorate and have to be replaced. By taking care of it annually, you’ll stop wasting fuel and it’ll save you more money in the long run.
When it’s winter, and it’s cold out, your home’s temperature will plummet quickly. You need to have someone come in quickly and diagnose your problem so you can get the situation resolved. You shouldn’t have to wait until regular business hours, and you shouldn’t have to leave a message on an answering machine in the middle of the night. When you’re a Scotia Fuels customer, you get immediate attention.
Oil prices go up and down because oil is a worldwide commodity. It’s just like the stock market in that sense. We wish we had a crystal ball to predict what the future price will be. Just like you, we heat our homes with oil and we hope for the lowest possible prices too.
Take the following steps:
  • Set thermostat to 85-degrees
  • Make sure the emergency burner switch is “On” (typically this red light switch is located at the top of the basement stairs or close to the furnace.)
  • Check for a blown fuse at the furnace, or electrical box if you have one
  • Check for a blown fuse at the main panel
  • Check fuel tank oil gauge to make sure you’re not out of fuel
  • Check that the oil valve is in the “on” position
  • Press the reset button on burner only once.
If the burner still doesn’t start, call us for service at 902-453-2121.

You can relax with Scotia Fuels.