Inspection of the Heating System before Purchasing a Home

Why a Qualified Inspection of the Heating System before Purchasing a Home Makes Sense

Inspection of the Heating System before Purchasing a HomeAnother memorable Nova Scotia summer is coming to an end and school is back in.  Thinking about how quickly the last couple of months have flown by, there is a stark reminder that cooler days and nights will soon be upon us and with that, our furnaces will be whirring once again.

A home’s heating system is critical to family comfort, health and safety.  So, having one that is safe, reliable and efficient is non-negotiable.  Our blog series have brought forth articles in the past on why it is important to make sure all heating equipment operates at peak condition and why annual maintenance makes sense.

If this holds true for families that own homes, what is the conventional wisdom for exercising due diligence around heating equipment when buying a home?

When you consider purchasing a new home, you hire a home inspector to ensure there are no issues with the many mechanical and structural elements of the house. Hiring a home inspector is a convenient way to have all these elements checked by one person. It would be difficult and expensive to hire individual experts (i.e. plumber, electrician, engineer, etc) to inspect the various systems in your home.

Who better to inspect your home heating system in even greater detail than a licensed burner technician?

There are many reasons why an important part of purchasing a home should include an inspection of the entire heating system by a qualified licensed technician.  Some of the obvious goals in doing this would be to ensure that each component is sound and in good working order.  A qualified technician can examine and test oil tanks, boilers, thermostats, nozzles, safety switches, exhaust pipes, heat exchangers and ductwork.  Replacing a furnace or oil tank can be expensive.  They may look okay today, but licensed experts can detect unusual noises or smells, cracks, leaks or rust that can mean costly repairs down the road.  If unchecked, this can leave families exposed to an unsafe and poorly working system that lacks reliability and may even be a potential liability. At the conclusion of an inspection by Scotia Fuels, you’ll get a copy of the report to confirm each area that was checked and see the overall assessment of the heating system.

Scotia Fuels cares about all its customers’ home heating needs and is a one-stop shop that provides inspections to potential new home owners free of charge and with no obligation by our in-house licensed technicians.  See the picture below for the information provided;

Not yet a Scotia Fuels customer?  Call us at 902-453-2121, one of our local operators will be pleased to talk to you.  We’ll even throw in a complementary heating equipment inspection.