Spring Heating Tips

Home-Heating-in-SpringSpring has officially arrived! As the days get longer and warmer, our thoughts move towards spring cleaning, backyard raking, and even summer vacations. However, there are also good reasons to consider your heating system at this time of year.

In this month’s Blog, we offer a few spring-based tips for your oil-fired home heating system.

  • Have your heating system inspected, cleaned and tuned-up. We outlined the importance of annual maintenance in last month’s Blog (https://www.scotiafuels.com/general/regular-furnace-maintenance/). Spring and summer are an excellent time of year to have this service done. This way you can beat the rush and be ready for next fall and winter.
  • Replace your air filters. If you have a warm-air furnace, it is recommended you replace the air filter(s) every 3-6 months (depending on use). While you may not use your warm-air furnace much between now and the fall, with a fresh air filter there, will be no musty smell from a full filter when the heating season starts up again.
  • Save at home when on vacation. If you’re spending some time in sunny climates during the spring, having your pipes freeze at home is unlikely to be a concern. However, it is still recommended that you have someone check your house regularly to ensure there are no issues. You can also turn your thermostat down to conserve energy usage.
  • Consider energy efficiency upgrades. Home renovations and improvements are popular at this time of year. If you are renovating your home or planning to make some improvements, we recommend having an energy audit done. This is a great way to find the best places to spend your money to help improve energy usage, making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Efficiency Nova Scotia (https://www.efficiencyns.ca/) is a good place to start for further details.
  • Take a look at the latest in home heating equipment. There have been major improvements in heating equipment over the last decade. The old and large furnace you may remember from your grandparents’ basement is long gone. New furnaces are very efficient, small and come with lots of options for additional energy efficiencies. For more information, please contact our Equipment Sales Department at 902-453-2121 or info@scotiafuels.com.

At Scotia Fuels we are committed to treating you like family, giving you the best service and advice we can. If you have any questions or comments on the information in this Blog, please feel free to contact us at 902-453-2121 or info@scotiafuels.com. We are here for you.