When you come to Scotia Fuels, you get special attention.

In the Halifax area, you’ve got a mind-boggling set of options when it comes to home heating. You can get your oil from about 15 different companies - some are full-service companies and some are discounters.

Here are the top 5 reasons we’re your best choice:


1) Value for Your Money

Nobody beats our service for the price. Our all-inclusive service is the best value in the industry, hands-down.

2) Great Customer Service, 24/7

Get fast delivery, on-demand, of your home heating oil and enjoy professional, friendly service from our staff who will never rush when they’re inspecting or repairing your equipment. You can reach us 24/7, whether for regular or emergency service.

3) Our Reputation

As a locally-owned Halifax company, we’ve built our strong reputation with customers by being reliable and dependable. It’s why 98% of our customers happily recommend us!

4) Our Staff

Some companies contract out their service, using outsourced workers. Not us!

Our staff are permanent employees-- full-fledged members of the company staff. All our employees are committed to providing quality service and maintaining our reputation for being dependable, helpful and friendly.

We go out of our way to attract the best technicians in the business. Because our technicians are on salary, you can rest assured they won’t rush your job. They take their time and give attention to every detail. And if you need new equipment, you can be confident they’re only interested in outfitting you with the optimal equipment to meet your needs. They don’t make commissions on parts and they won’t ever up-sell you.

Not only that, we’ve got plenty of drivers and service technicians on hand to respond quickly to your problems. They’re uniformed so you’ll recognize them, and they always treat you, your family and your home with respect.

5) Flexible & Convenient Payment Options

We offer equalized monthly budget billing and automatic monthly withdrawal, if you choose. Our equalized payment program allows you to plan and budget: you pay the same amount every month for 10 months and then we settle up the difference. It’s that straightforward.

We can bill everything on account basis so you never need to be home to have your oil delivered! It’s the ultimate in convenience.

You can pay through Telebanking, Internet Banking, through mail, at our office or at your bank. Some companies only accept cash and credit cards but we want you to have more options.

If you buy a new furnace or need other home heating equipment, we have financing available.

We offer more.